From your design to marketing teams, buying to finance, boardroom to shop-floor, Marie’s programmes work for all teams looking to improve wellbeing and human sustainability. These programmes work at the core of your business with practical, hands-on tools to sustain results.

  • programs from 2-8 sessions online or in person

Marie’s Programmes

These talk series programmes are designed to offer businesses a structured course, tackling a particular need within your organisation


The Wellbeing Series

Marie addresses the cornerstones of wellbeing through her series of six talks, designed to support the individual while helping them maximise their potential. 

Through these interactive talks, Marie highlights the patterns of behaviour and choices we can make, both mentally and physically, that impact our ability to deal with aspects of life, both large and small. 

Now more than ever, we know that our lives don’t exist in isolation; we are all sharing the narrative of post-pandemic culture, continuous change at the hands of advances in tech and increased demands on us both personally and professionally.  

Marie also shares her personal story of burn-out in the fashion industry, giving first-hand account of how these simple principles of wellbeing can be used to overcome stress and avoid burn out.

With Marie’s help, you can learn to do the same.

Whole Talk Series:

  • Foundational Talk 1: Resilience
  • Talk 2: Sleep
  • Talk 3: Stress
  • Talk 4: Movement
  • Talk 5: Nutrition
  • Talk 6: Mindfulness


The Creativity Series

Marie’s explorations of resilience through this six-talk series is a masterclass in overcoming fears, building resilience and changing mindset that will resonate with anyone who has ever worked under pressure.

During a high flying career, Marie experienced the pressures and stresses present at the very top of every industry. After 12 years of global travel, huge responsibility, crazy deadlines, mixing with high profile people and appearing to be really successful, underneath she was crumbling. She maxed out and burned out.

And recovered.

Through her journey to recovery she found ways to help people live and work in a more sustainable way, and shares these insights through 6 key tools that can help any individual cultivate their own resilience. 

Whole Talk Series:

  • Foundational Talk 1: Beating Burnout
  • Talk 2: Maximising Creativity
  • Talk 3: Pushing Boundaries
  • Talk 4: Unlocking Confidence
  • Talk 5: Managing Your Mindset
  • Talk 6: Living by Your Values


Do you know how your team is performing?

1. Assess

If you already have an idea of the challenges your team is facing in regards to burnout, or sustaining creativity, book a FREE 15-minute call with me to talk about the options for your team. 

2. Diagnose

If you want to get an overview of how your team is measuring in terms of early signs of burnout, share this quiz with your team. Alternatively, get in touch with me about how we can collate your team’s results and share them with you. 

3. Treat

Marie’s series of talks, programmes and coaching can be catered to your team’s requirements, helping employees learn the tools needed to manage stress, cope with their workload, and build resilience.


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