Marie speaks from the heart about the one trend that is not going to fade away – Looking after our Mental Wealth.

Her acclaimed talks on resilience and wellbeing blend her expertise in fashion, experience of working under pressure, and personal recovery from burn-out into inspirational and interactive experiences.

  • 45-90 minutes delivered live, virtual or pre-recorded

Three of Marie’s Most Popular Talks

Each features practical tools for you and your teams to implement straight away


Setting Boundaries To Prevent Burnout:

Overwhelmed by the demanding world we live in, we routinely run on reserves & force ourselves to accept that constantly feeling stressed and tired is all part and parcel of living a busy and connected life. When the warning signs of an impending burnout are ignored, the outcome can be fatal. In this session you will discover how to identify the signs & symptoms of burnout, in yourself and others, set boundaries to create more balance and control, recover your energy, focus & motivation, and develop strategies for sustainable success.


Reflect. Rethink. Redesign

The last two years have tested even the most resilient of us. The global pandemic has shown just how fragile our world is, and how we are too. In Reflect, Rethink, Redesign, you will discover the 6 principles of resilience and how you can use these to redesign how you face challenge and change, and learn to cultivate better habits and behaviours to flourish both personally and professionally.

Marie shares her personal story of burnout and how she used these 6 principles to help her live a more happier, healthier, purposeful life. A tale of overcoming fears, building resilience, and changing mindset that will resonate with anyone who has ever worked under pressure. You’ll be prepared to adapt, change & succeed.


Living With Verve:

Being The Healthy Star Of Your Own Future

Marie walks your audience through the 5 pillars of living with VERVE and how you can use these to flourish and succeed, at work and in life. These 5 pillars of wellbeing are crucial in the prevention of burnout and sustaining your own wellbeing. Using her personal story as a backdrop, Marie shares how each of these pillars helped her recover from burnout and move her from ‘just surviving’ to thriving. Learn the connection through wellbeing and performance and how you can start to take ownership of your own wellbeing and ‘own your own potential’. Each element has a memorable takeaway.


Do you know how your team is performing?

1. Assess

If you already have an idea of the challenges your team is facing in regards to burnout, or sustaining creativity, book a FREE 15-minute call with me to talk about the options for your team. 

2. Diagnose

If you want to get an overview of how your team is measuring in terms of early signs of burnout, share this quiz with your team. Alternatively, get in touch with me about how we can collate your team’s results and share them with you. 

3. Treat

Marie’s series of talks, programmes and coaching can be catered to your team’s requirements, helping employees learn the tools needed to manage stress, cope with their workload, and build resilience.


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